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The Walk Routes

Simply click on your preferred route from the table below and you will be taken to the relevant web page, you can then either print the route from your desktop / laptop; or simply use the mobile or tablet version on your route. Remember all mobile networks have their own blackspots (areas of no reception / signal), so take a paper printout with you as a back up, remembering the waterproof map case to keep it dry. The "print view" can be seen by using your browser print preview option, which also allows you to change the printer settings to suit your own preferences.

Each route includes:

Some of the routes are also available on the Walkingworld App

For your safety it is recommended that you have a compass and the relevant 1:25,000 OS map for your chosen walk. If you prefer using a GPS or GPS app remember the spare batteries / emergency charger as well as a reserve map and compass and know how to use them, you never know when they may be needed. Remember GPS units aren't infallible and traditional compasses (those with a magnetic needle / dial) aren't reliable in certain areas.

Use the Google map to locate your chosen walk and zoom in to view the start point street plan.

Area Route Grade Map Ref Map Height Length
Exmoor County Gate S E3 Explorer OL9 853m (2,797ft 17Km (10½mi)
Selworthy M E1 374m (1,227ft) 9½Km (6 mi)
Tarr Steps E E2 187m (613ft) 4Km (2½mi)
Lake District Coniston Valley & Fells M L2 Explorer OL6 550m (1,804ft) 14¾Km (9¼mi)
Tilberthwaite S L3 996m (3,263ft) 15¼Km (9¾mi)
West Pennine Moors Rivington E W3 Explorer 287 248m (814ft) 6¾Km (4¼mi)
Barrowford M W4 Explorer OL21 253m (830ft) 12¼Km (7½mi)
Pendle Hill M W1 516m (1,693ft) 9¼Km (5¾mi)
Wycoller M W2 278m (912ft) 11Km (6¾mi)
York Dales Burnsall M Y4 Explorer OL2 342m (1,122ft) 15;Km (9¾mi)
Grimwith Reservoir E Y3 125m (410ft) 7½Km (4¾mi)
Buckden M Y2 Explorer OL30 254m (833ft) 11½Km (7 mi)
Kettlewell S Y1 623m (2,045 ft) 13½Km (8½mi)