Daypack Rambler - A site for those who enjoy a walk in the British
    countryside and the opportunity to explore its wonderful wildlife

The Daypack Rambler

Welcome to the Daypack Rambler website a site that I hope will encourage you to get out and enjoy the wonders of the British countryside. The current handful of walks, links and info will gradually be expanded and added to as time and resources permit. With this aim in mind I have split the site into the following sections

A profile of the author

An beginers guide to navigation including how to read contour lines, understanding grid references and the different norths, an introduction to the compass and its features; plus a few notes on the basics of route planning.

Walk Info
Helpful notes and safety advice for a safe enjoyable walk together with a description of the walk grades, your access rights and a summary of The Countryside Code.

Walk Routes
A selection of walk routes that you can print out from your desktop or, if you prefer, download to your smart phone and use the directions to follow the fully checked route.

Daypack Ranger
A companion website for those who are interested in Britain's wildlife habitats and how they can be preserved and protected

Direct links to the organisations I am associated with and/or have a connection to walking in Britain.